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How to fix a warped Olfa® Cutting Mat

Hi Charlie,
Well I did it this time! I let my mat out in the sun it got really warped. Fortunately my husband is a really handy guy and he was able to save it! We figured since it got ruined in the heat, we'll use heat to reverse it. Here is how he did it:

Take a heavy piece of 1/2" to 3/4" plywood. (Make sure it is not warped and has at least one VERY CLEAN, SMOOTH side.) Put plywood on concrete pavement (not grass or asphalt because the heat will damage the grass or asphalt), smooth side up in an area that gets sun ALL DAY. Lay the mat on the smooth side of the plywood. Place a large PLATE GLASS on mat or any combination of plate glass from a table, dresser, shelf, etc., so long as it covers the whole mat. Do not use window glass. Our glass plate from the dresser did not quite make it, so I used a couple of a glass shelves in addition. Make sure the whole mat is covered with the glass, not just the affected area. Leave it in the sun all day, do not move or touch it. Early the next morning (preferably) we removed the glass and my mat was fixed!

I hope this helps someone else out too! Looking forward to seeing you soon at the next show in Phoenix, Susan

How to wash/clean your Olfa® Cutting Mat

Hello Charlie,
It was great to see you in Madison! As per your request, here are the instructions on how I clean my Olfa cutting mat:
I put the mat in the bath tub in cool/tepid water. NOT WARM OR HOT and the I add 1/4th cup of WHITE Vinegar per each gallon of water. Then I add a squirt of Dove or Ivory dish soap and create a lather and I scrub the mat with a mushroom brush. (If you are sensitive to scents, you can add two capfulls of Murphy's Oil Soap to the mat-washing solution.)

Then I rinse it off with clear, cool water and towel dry the mat. Of course you can air-dry it too! If you air-dry the mat, make sure you lay it flat away from any heat source and of course out of the sun! I have been cleaning my mat like this for years, and I found the mat stays a lot softer and more supple, and the blades seem to last longer too!
We'll see you again soon, Betty
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