Free Projects

Crazy-Patch Quilted Tote
The Crazy-Patch Quilted Tote features instant “stack/slice/switch & stitch” crazy-patch blocks using pre-cut 10” squares. It’s the perfect bag for toting your latest quilting, sewing, or needlework project!
Paper Covered Stacking Storage Boxes
These charming paper-covered boxes will help you keep your home organized in every room. Use your scrap book supplies and your imagination to make each box different. Consider making a new set for every season. Then when empty or out of season, simply stack within each other for easy storage.
Sewing Machine Apron
Do you like to sew, but hate having to hunt for your scissors, thread clippers, or marking pencil? Is your sewing table a bit small to hold the tools you need? This “apron” is made for the sewing machine. The weight of the machine holds the apron and all your tools securely, and within easy reach!
Shark Lunch Bag - Duct Tape Project
Satisfy your kid’s appetite and make lunchtime exciting with this easy-to-make Shark Lunch Bag. All you need are a few rolls of colored duct tape, OLFA rotary cutters and a cutting mat. The bag is way easier to make than the many lunches it will hold this school year.
5 Quilting Secrets from the Pros
Quilters are not born. They are made. Anyone can learn to quilt with a little patience and precision, and it all starts with preparing your quilt pieces the right way. Whether you are a beginning quilter, an expert, or somewhere in between, we’ve gathered some time-saving short “cuts” to confidently take your work to the next level.

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